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Healing the heart... Awakening the soul.

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The Energy Enhancement System combines Body, Mind, Spirit and Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness and self-actualization.

The Future is Here

The Energy Enhancement System TM (EE System TM) generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields, including scalar waves which can allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, and assist in balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain to increase energy levels.

Our 12 unit System combines Scalar waves, also known as scalar vortex and Bio-photons (light). When combined, these fields of energy converge with the body’s DNA matrix and support your body’s natural ability to heal.

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Ours is a faith based, Private Membership Only Association. The application linked below simply states that you believe, as we do, that as Association Members we have the inalienable, constitutionally protected right to govern our own health and wellness, without any outside interference.

The EESystem

The Energy Enhancement System is supported by decades of clinical research from Harvard, Stanford, John’s Hopkins, PhD’s, MD’s and is utilized by NASA, top athletes, and personal development professionals like Tony Robbins.

Our Services

Explore the service options available from Life Force Energy Wellness Center.


Achieve recalibration to homeostasis Energy Enhancement System Treatments.

Salt Therapy

Halo Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, for higher oxygen intake, increased energy, and an improved immune system.

Lymphatic Drainage

Keep the fluid levels of the body in balance while defending it against infection.

Energy Work & Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Raindrop Therapy

A powerful layering process of 9 different therapeutic grade essential oils applied to the feet and spine.

Therapeutic Massage

Integrative Therapeutic Massage used a variety of techniques to restore balance and improve energy flow.

“EESystem not only supports people to go into deep meditation, it also activates the deep spiritualizing force of the Cosmic Energy.”

~ Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD

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